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Welcome to the Radio JOVE Data Archive

You will find here data submitted by Citizen Scientists and General Participants of the Radio JOVE program. This archive contains almost two decades of radio observations of the Sun, Jupiter, the Milky Way Galaxy and Earth ionospheric phenomena. The records held here include images, sounds, text descriptions, as well as data produced using the Radio Sky-Pipe and Radio Spectrograph software. Besides these software, other tools are available to read these data files. An article discussing these other tools can be found in the July 2018 issue of the Radio JOVE Bulletin newsletter. An article providing more details on the archive holdings also appeared in the December 2015 issue of the Bulletin.

Tips for Searching the Archive using the Calendar Form

Tips for analyzing Radio-SkyPipe and Radio Spectrograph data using Autoplot
Tips for Submitting Data

If you are a Radio JOVE observer and wish to submit data to the archive please send a request to Leonard Garcia

If you are making use of the data on this site for your own research please acknowledge the data submitters and the Radio JOVE project.

Curator: Leonard Garcia

Radio Jove Lead: James Thieman