Presented below is a collection of HF band radio spectrograms produced from radio telescope data collected at AJ4CO Observatory in High Springs, Florida. The data was generated by the Dual Polarization Spectrograph (DPS) receiver fed by an eight-element terminated folded dipole (TFD) array and controlled by Radio-Sky Spectrograph (RSS) software.

The raw data has a temporal resolution of 150 milliseconds. The spectrograms here were produced by mean decimation to show 24 hours of data in 1,440 pixels, one minute per pixel in the horizontal direction. The radio frequency covers 16 MHz to 32 MHz in 300 channels, 50 kHz per pixel in the vertical direction.

Each spectrogram image contains two orthogonal polarizarizations: right circular (RCP) and left circular (LCP).

For each day, three spectrograms are available:

  1. Raw data from the spectrograph.
  2. Data that has been "corrected" by mathematically flattening the antenna response and the galactic background.
  3. Data in the form of Stokes +V and -V parameters to highlight the differences between RCP and LCP.
The material in the Documentation section below provides details of the observatory, instrumentation, and data processing.

Spectrogram Directories

      The DPS instrument began operation with the
      8-element TFD array on 26 Oct 2013.